Work Sites

Below are a sample of sites created for Northwestern University departments in science and engineering in HTML, CSS, JavaScript on WordPress platforms. Click to browse through.

Coding Projects

I enjoy tinkering with programing puzzles. But creating the desired script is just the beginning–there's always a way to get creative and make the code more elegant! Below are some of my favorite programming projects.

  • Natural Language Query System

    • Pulls data from Wikipedia API and uses regular expressions to produce an appropriate response, including a smart response feature that holds inputted context from the user. Completed in Python.

  • Naive Bayes Classifier

    • Classifies consumer feedback data (e.g. Amazon product reviews and IMDB movie ratings) based on sentiment interpretation in Python.

  • Sudoku Puzzler Solver

    • Solves any level of sudoku puzzle using depth-first search and breadth-first search. Completed in Python.

  • Machine Learning

    • Experimented with machine learning by constructing various networks and training them to answer questions (e.g. determining political party affiliation) based on inputted datasets. Completed in Python.

  • Databases and Search Programs

    • Constructed databases and created search programs for practical data classes. Also created a file management system to backup and transfer files. Completed in Racket.

  • Enciphering

    • Created enciphering and estimated deciphering programs (e.g. Caesar Cipher) using number and letter rotations in Python.

  • Mathematical Functions

    • Recreated various mathematical functions including integrals, standard deviation, data analysis, and investment plans in Python, R, and Matlab.

  • Asteroids!

    • Wrote a personalized Asteroids game in Racket that includes various obstacles and adapts/evolves according to user input.